If you’re looking for wild Alaska seafood, you could not have come to a better place. Ketchikan has been a fishing mecca since time immemorial, when Native Alaskans traveled from their remote villages to the banks of Ketchikan Creek to catch and process a year’s supply of salmon. Whether you want to have a taste of wild seafood while you’re in town or send some home, we can set you up with the very best wild salmon, halibut and crab on the planet.

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  1. Alaska Fish House

    The Alaska Fish House website helps you explore Alaskan seafood. Alaskan sport fishing, seafood dining, cooking your catch, recipes, caring for your catch and recommendations for purchasing and shipping seafood out of state.

  2. Salmon, Etc.

    Salmon Etc. offers you wild seafood products from the icy North Pacific and kitchen items with that unique Alaskan touch. Browse our online store or visit our shop in Ketchikan, Alaska, the Salmon Capital of the World!

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