Getting Here

When most people think of Alaska, the words “wild” and “remote” come to mind and that is certainly true of Ketchikan. We are wild and remote, but we are also quite civilized and conveniently located! Ketchikan is also knows as “Alaska’s First City” because of its location at the southernmost tip of Southeast Alaska, just a 90-minute flight from Seattle.

You can also get here by sea, as hundreds of thousands of visitors do each year. Ketchikan is a major cruise ship port along the Inside Passage and we are proud to say that our scenic beauty and wide range of activities consistently rank us among the most popular ports of call among cruise passengers.

But a cruise ship is not the only seafaring vessel cruising to Ketchikan! The Alaska Marine Highway System operates a fleet of ferries that travel between Ketchikan and the lower 48. Ferries range from day boats to full-service vessels accommodating passengers with staterooms, food and beverage service and vehicle transport. The scenic ferry trip north from Bellingham, Washington, takes 36 hours. The trip from Prince Rupert, B.C., is six hours.

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