Getting Around Ketchikan

It's not too hard to find your way around Ketchikan. We are a community of less than 14,000, with one main road that stretches 30 miles along the coast. Our downtown area is pretty compact and easily walkable. That said, we have a free shuttle bus service that runs the downtown loop from May through September. In addition, bicycle and electric cart or chair rentals are available to visitors in the downtown area.

Municipal buses run hourly seven days a week and provide service on major streets and to larger residential areas. Adult fares are $2, passes and youth fares are also available. Taxis, which provide 24-hour service, are also on hand to meet airport ferry and state ferry arrivals. Rates are $3.70 drop/$3.50 per mile. And rental cars are readily available as well. Please note: Public parking lots have time restrictions and/or require a parking permit. One-day permits are $5.00, available for purchase at City Hall. If you're headed off the island, air taxis provide scheduled commuter service, as well as lake trips and charter flights.

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