Neighboring Communities

Ketchikan has several wonderful next-door neighbors, though in Alaska, “next door” is more of a concept than a literal reality. With regular ferry and air taxi service from our island to the next, visiting our neighbors is an easy adventure away.

Each one of our neighboring communities has its own unique personality: Metlakatla, located on Annette Island, 15 miles southwest of Ketchikan, was founded by Native Tsimshians in 1887. The only Indian reservation in Alaska, Metlakatla is home to many Tsimshian people who still honor their ancestors by practicing their cultural traditions.

Prince of Wales (POW) Island is a true Alaskan gem. Just 38 air miles northwest of Ketchikan (or a scenic three-hour ferry ride away), POW offers everything from ancient Native cultural sites to quintessential hunting and fishing grounds.

Wrangell, which is the first stop via plane on the northbound “milk run,” is another rugged Alaskan jewel, with great wildlife viewing opportunities and a teeny tiny town center that’s straight out of the movies.

Prince Rupert is our sister city in British Columbia, Canada. We know we should probably play favorites, seeing as we’re family and all, but we just can’t: We love each one of our neighbors equally. Truly, we don’t know which one sparkles the brightest. If you have the good fortune to visit them all, please let us know which one catches your eye!

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