Plan Your Visit

If you’re planning your trip during our peak season (May through September), the best advice we can give you is book your transportation and lodging well in advance. If you don’t get around to booking activities before you get here, don’t worry: There are plenty of things to do and same-day bookings are available in our Tour Center.


It is our sole purpose to ensure that you have a great time visiting Ketchikan, so please allow us to help you plan your perfect day(s) in Southeast Alaska! We have two locations: our main office, open year-round, is located near Berth 2, right in the heart of downtown Ketchikan, and our seasonal facility is just a few blocks away near the tunnel at Berth 3. Tours can be booked same day at our tour center (May – Sept) located inside the Berth 2 building. You can also find brochures and travel information at the Ketchikan International Airport and AMHS ferry terminal.


We’re not sticklers about fashion up here, but we do have a rather mercurial climate, so being prepared is key. Days here can be warm or chilly, rainy or dry—or a combination of all four—so, when you pack, think warm and waterproof layers.


The downside of picturesque mountainous vistas? Sometimes they get in the way of satellite reception! But don’t worry: There are plenty of places in town where the signal is strong!


Whether your travel plans include a one-day visit while in port, a few days, or an extended stay, you will leave here with lasting memories of a truly Alaskan experience—and, very likely, plans to return!

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