Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

This 40 acre rainforest reserve includes tall stands of spruce, hemlock and cedar trees with a forest floor saturated with mosses, wild flowers and a variety of berries. The sanctuary is located at picturesque Herring Cove, only 8 road miles from Ketchikan. On-site experiences include walking an easily accessible half mile trail in the Tongass, visiting the Alaska Raptor Center's aviary exhibits, watching a Native master totem-pole carver at work, and visiting a historic Alaska sawmill. The Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary is a unique Alaska experience and perfect for the nature lover. Eagle Creek, one of Alaska's richest salmon spawning streams, flows through this diverse ecosystem, into an estuary and then the ocean. A major fish hatchery is located across the creek from the sanctuary boardwalk. Offering our: 

  • Wildlife Sanctuary and Eagle Center (2.75 hours with transfers) Enjoy a guided walk through the rainforest with a naturalist! 
  • Bear Country and Wildlife Expedition (3.25 hours with transfers) A Brand new Bear viewing opportunity in Ketchikan!

More Information

Service: Tours
Hours: 2:45-3:15 Length, departure times vary
Availability: May-September

4085 Tongass Ave.
Ketchikan, AK 99901

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