Our Mission

"The mission of the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau is to promote Ketchikan, attract visitors and enhance the economy."

What is the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau?

The Ketchikan Visitors Bureau (KVB) is a non-profit, year-round organization whose primary purpose is to market Ketchikan as a visitor destination. The KVB was founded by Ketchikan residents in 1976, and is the second oldest visitor bureau in Alaska.

What does the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau do for our Members?

  • We actively promote Ketchikan to travelers, independent and cruise ship passengers, and as a meeting/special events site.
  • We serve as a resource on Ketchikan for the travel trade (travel planners, travel agents, the cruise ship industry, meeting planners and more).
  • We host and maintain relationships with national and international media to promote Ketchikan and our member businesses.
  • We participate in regional and national travel industry organizations to stay informed on the tourism-related issues that affect Ketchikan and our members.
  • We produce, maintain and market the top ranking visit-ketchikan.com website and the Meetings/Conventions website, meetinalaska.com.
  • We operate the year-round Berth 2 and the seasonal Berth 3 Visitor Information Centers.
  • We produce and distribute two annual guides (print and digital) the Ketchikan Trip Planner and the Arrival Guide.
  • We track and utilize market research to develop our programs and provide members with access to data.
  • We provide training, resources and marketing and networking opportunities to our members.

Who can join the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau?

Any persons, firms, associations, corporations, or partnerships that support the development of the tourism industry and support the organization's mission statement are eligible for membership in the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau.

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Do you have questions?

Our Member Services Manager, Brittney Shull, is here to answer all of your questions. You can call (907) 228-8918 or email members@visit-ketchikan.com.