COVID-19 Information for Travelers to Ketchikan
Updated 10-19-20

Requirements for Non-Resident travelers arriving in Ketchikan from outside Alaska:

Effective Friday, October 16 all non-residents entering Alaska from another state or country must submit a travel declaration form and self-isolation plan through the Alaska Traveler Portal


Arrive with proof of a qualifying negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours prior to departure. The test result will need to be uploaded to the Alaska Travel Portal.


If traveling for work, follow the work plan that your employer submitted to the State of Alaska.


Purchase a COVID-19 test for $250 upon arrival in Alaska, and self- quarantine at your expense while waiting on results.

Requirements have changed for Alaskan residents as well. The information presented here is for the convenience of site users only.

Visit the State of Alaska’s SAFE TRAVELS page for direct access to the state’s current travel regulations and requirements.