The Ketchikan Visitors Bureau (KVB) is your official resource for travel and tourist information for Ketchikan, Alaska.  The KVB is a nonprofit organization founded by Ketchikan residents in 1976, one of the first visitor bureaus organized in Alaska. Originally established to provide a means for the community to cooperatively market the area as a cruise destination, Ketchikan has since emerged as a major port stop on the Alaskan cruise ship itinerary.

The KVB continues to provide support services to the cruise industry and its guests, while working to market and develop the independent as well as meetings, conventions and special event markets in Ketchikan.

In addition to our work marketing our community, we provide visitor information assistance at our visitor center downtown (a second center operates May through September) at Ketchikan International Airport and the Alaska Marine Highway System ferry terminal.  Businesses, organizations and individuals that support the development of the tourism industry are invited to join our organization as members.

The mission of the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau is to promote Ketchikan, attract visitors and enhance the economy.