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Arts and Culture

A Top 100 Small Arts Community

Ketchikan is home to a diverse population of people who find inspiration in the scenic beauty, flora and fauna and the historic and cultural attributes of our town.

The Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council and its affiliate organizations promote the arts through art education programs, and hosts performances and art exhibits throughout the year.

A variety of workshops and lectures offer learning opportunities in traditional native and classical art forms, natural and local history and science. Film presentations like the award-winning “Mystical Southeast Alaska” and the home-grown melodrama “Fish Pirates Daughter” provide a glimpse of the culture and history of Ketchikan. Year around, Ketchikan plays host to a variety of performing arts events (local talent and visiting artists) including music, dance, theatre and more.

Art influences can be seen in various locations outdoors- piling caps adorned with sea creatures or totemic designs along city docks, stained glass panels dot the waterfront promenade between cruise ship docks. A bronze sculpture celebrating Ketchikan’s history and of course, the totem poles erected throughout the community. In galleries and shops look for locally produced jewelry, carvings, paintings and photography. Books authored and/or illustrated by locals are widely available.

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