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Vacation Packages
Explore on Your Terms

Let us introduce you to the beauty of Ketchikan’s people and places. The following Special Offers and Packages have been created by members of the Ketchikan Visitor’s Bureau to showcase the best of what we have to offer.

Special Offers Available

Rain Barrel Electric Cars
Tour Yourself for Half the Price!


Eco Rainforest Walk/Hike & Totem Park
Buy One, Get $20 off 2nd Person


Motorcycle Adventures!
Free Collectors Patches or Lapel Pins!


Let's Get Wild in Ketchikan!
Birds N Bears


Scooters for Rent
Free collectors Lapel Pin or Patch


Un-Cruise Adventures in Alaska
Order Your Free Alaska DVD & Brochure Here.


Evening Fishing Special
Get 10% off of any fishing trip scheduled after 12:00 p.m.


Exploren Alaska con buenas ofertas
Tours de 2 horas de duracion: Tour de la ciudad de Ketchikan y Vida silvestre de Alaska


Cruise Ship Shopping Special
Shopping Special


Ferry to Fishing!
Self Guided Package


Ferry to Fishing!
Guided Package at The Cedars Lodge


Tatsuda's IGA Alaska Wild Salmon