Alaska Fish House

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Rated by Food and Wine magazine as being the best camp meal ever. This unique tour offers both classic Alaska fishing as well as the opportunity to eat a meal featuring your fresh catch.

Experience authentic Alaskan fishing in the unspoiled wilderness. Depart from Baranof’s private marina in downtown Ketchikan. With quality fishing gear fish for rockfish, red snapper, or halibut, what you catch will become the fresh basis of a gourmet campsite meal. Seals, eagles, whales and numerous seabirds are commonly seen. After fishing, head to a wilderness campsite, where a crackling fire awaits in the rain forest. Enjoy a gourmet meal of your own freshly caught fish served atop a saffron-infused, bouillabaisse-inspired stew, sourdough rolls, our signature rhubarb and blueberry bread pudding, and steaming mugs of coffee or hot chocolate.

More Information

Service: May - September
Costs: Fishing & Dining $325
Hours: Call for Reservations
Availability: Same day fishing available

3 Salmon Landing
Ketchikan, AK 99901